Reapplication for a lost passport

The method of substituting one’s lost passport in almost the same as that of getting a new one with the sole difference being that one must report this loss and fill up a passport renewal form. This is also what needs to be done in case of a passport that has been stolen. The time taken for the substitution is the same as for getting a new one.

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One is able to substitute a lost passport when he/she is travelling overseas by going over to the adjoining U.S. embassy /consulate general. They will issue an emergency passport having limited validity in case you must travel quickly. For facilitating the substitution of one’s travel document he/she must preserve a duplicate of his/her passport in a secure yet accessible place.

Steps for substituting a Lost Passport

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At present, a couple of ways of reporting a lost passport to Department of State in USA are there. One way is by completing the declaration on the Passport that has been lost /stolen in Form DS-64. This passport renewal form must be filled by those whose misplaced passport is valid. Having completed this form you must email the form to the Department of State of USA

The other way of reporting this misplacement of a passport is by calling up the National Passport Info Centre. It’s free toll-free no. is 1-877-487-2778. Although calling could appear as the more practical of the couple of methods one might have difficulty getting through frequently. One is likely to find the filling up of Form DS-64 and sending it in accompanied by the new passport application easier.

Vital facts on a passport that has been lost/stolen

Passports that have been reported as lost / stolen via telephone or via the submission of Form DS-64 aren’t valid and cannot be used for traveling.

All information you supply on Form DS-64 are going to be inserted in the Stolen Passport System of Department of State of USA

In case you are able to get back the passport following your report of it bring lost/ stolen, you must submit the passport to the Department of State of USA.

A passport that’s been reported as lost/stolen cannot be made valid again.

Completion of form DS-11 for applying for a fresh U.S. Passport

Among the criterions that one has to meet for making a new passport application via email is that the person must also submit his/her previously-issued, intact passport. All applicants who don’t have their travel documents can make an application for a fresh by using the DS-11 form.

Just as the case is while reporting a passport that has been lost you’ve a couple of ways of completing this application form. One way is doing this passport renewal online.  Another way is by completing this application offline and subsequently printing it.

If one does not do the passport renewal online and takes a print out of the application that he/she has completed offline he/she must use black coloured ink and write in such a manner that it is readable. One must never sign this application until being asked by the acceptance agent.

Reapplication for a lost passport

Assemble Supporting Documents

Each and every document mandatory for first-time passports must be submitted with one’s completed application form for replacing his/her passport. Given below is the complete list of documents that one will need.

  • Verification of citizenship of USA
  • Verification of identity
  • Duplicate of identification document
  • Any one of the recent passport photos of a person

The document that one submits as verification of citizenship should be the original one or a certified duplicate. This is going to be given back to the person once the application has been processed. A general recommendation is that a person use shielding packaging and a delivery method that he/he can trace.

Parents/guardians who’re making an application for replacing the missing passport of any minor must also submit verification of their association to that minor. Legitimate photo IDs of the parents / guardians are also mandatory. A single parent/ guardian are able to apply if he/she can provide verification of sole authorized custody.

Go over to Application Acceptance Facility

The application form that’s been completed and all supporting documents require being submitted to an approved acceptance mediator at any application acceptance facility. Offices for passport are frequently placed inside post offices, municipal & county government offices as well as public libraries. A number of facilities also provide photo services. Several facilities require that an appointment be made.

One of the Acceptance Agents will inspect your application as well as supporting documents. A vow will be organized and you will require signing the application. The execution charge has to be given to the Acceptance mediator. The application charge must be paid to the Department of State of USA and one must send it with his/her application& documents.

Reapplication for a lost passport

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