Essential information on us passport application form

The US passport application form that you must submit depends on the sort of service you require, whether it’s for a fresh passport, us passport renewal or any other thing. Those aren’t certain about the passport service that they require should check the page of the US passport service website that has information on US passports. This website offers tips for completing all forms. It’s vital that one follows such tips carefully as a slip-up or an indecipherable form could cause delays in the processing of the form.

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Usually processing can take as much as 6 weeks whereas expedited service could take as much as 3 weeks. All applicants requiring emergency service for an emergency travel must either fix up an appointment at a processing centre in his/her locality or ask for the support of an approved provider of passport expediting service.

All of the US passport application form that you require is downloadable from this website. All of the forms on this website can be downloaded in PDF format. Thus the person downloading them must have Adobe Acrobat Reader for opening the forms for taking their printouts. Most people have this program installed in their PCs. However those who do not can download this program from this website.

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US passport application form for a new passport

The US passport application form that one must submit for getting his/her very first passport is the DS-11 form. This form can also be used for replacing a misplaced, stolen /spoilt passport or for us passport renewal of a passport that has been was issued to someone aged 15 or below. Those applying must be present physically for submitting the form and must sign the application only after being asked by the acceptance mediator.

Essential information on us passport application form

Applying for renewal of US passport

The US passport renewal application form that’s used for the renewal of a passport that had been issued to an applicant aged 16 or above is the DS-82 form. This US passport renewal application form is usable all the while during which a passport is valid or for a maximum period of five years following its expiry. One has to apply with this form in person only if he/she is submitting it for expedited service at any regional agency.

Essential information on us passport application form

Statement of Consent for Issuing of a US Passport to Minors aged below 16 years

The US passport application form for minor must be submitted by a person aged below 16 years applying for a US passport as verification of parental assent and together with the DS-11 form. This is the DS-3053 form. This US passport application form for minor has a section for unique situations when acquiring consent is not feasible. The person who is responsible for determining the acceptability of such a unique circumstance is a Passport Agent.

Essential information on us passport application form

Applying for the change of name or a Data Correction on an US Passport or applying for substitution of a Passport with Limited Validity

The application form that must be used for cases mentioned above is the DS-5504 form. All US citizens require using the DS-5504 form while

  • Requesting for a change of name or correction of some data on their US passport or
  • While requesting for a replacement of their passport

However such request can be made for passports that have been issued less than a year before. All those who would like a change of name or a substitution of a passport that had been issued over a year before have got make an application for a renewal by using the DS-82 form.

Application for a passport that has been misplaced or stolen

The application form that has to be submitted accompanied by the DS-11 form for replacement of a misplaced or stolen passport is the DS-64 form.

Essential information on us passport application form

Application for Adding Visa Pages to your Passport

The DS-4085 form is used by those who require adding visa pages to their passports that are not near their date of expiry. All those applying are free to submit this application for passports having 2- 4 of their visa pages remaining. It could be more profitable to make an application for renewal of passports that will expire in a year or two. This is as though the charge for renewal is more compared to that for insertion of pages the new passport issued will be valid for 10 years provided the person applying is aged 16 years or above.

However this is not possible any more as the Department of State of USA has stopped the insertion of added visa pages to all valid passports from the starting of 2016. This service has been eliminated for enhancing the security of a US Passport and for sticking to the worldwide passport standards.

One more form that required being submitted in a special situation is the DS-10 birth affidavit form.

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