How to get new passport: an overview

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Getting new passports is not as difficult as it has been thought. In the USA, passport receiving process has been made simplified over the years so that people can apply for their new passports without facing any glitches. Applying for a new passport seems difficult, as most of us do not know the process of applying. If you are not aware of the process for applying, it is bound to get difficult for you. In order to know the process for getting new passports in USA, keep your eye on this piece of article. Here, you will get a complete guide on how to get new passport.

Process of getting a New Passport

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Before you apply for having a new passport, you should know a few basic things. You should know the criteria that are required for the process of passport approval. Further, you must know the fee for having new passport. There is a specific form that you need to fill up for applying for passport. So, how to get new passport is not a matter of answering things in one word. The process is vast, and there are various folds. Hence, you need sharp and first hand information to make sure that your passport application process remains hassling free and glitch free.

How to get new passport: an overview

The first step for applying for new passport is having the form of application. You have to get DS-11 form new passport application. To get this form, you can pay a visit to the local passport office or migration department. Alternatively, the easier way of having passport form is downloading it directly from internet. Downloading it take a few minutes. However, you must keep in mind that you download an updated form from the valid website of US government. Application of passport with older version of form will be rejected. So you need to be careful with new passport application.

How to get new passport: an overview

Once you have downloaded the form, it is the time to opt for filling up the form. Filling form with accuracy is important. You should avoid any mistakes, as mistakes can turn down application. Furthermore, you should know the attachment or identity documents that you need to produce with your application. For getting new passports in USA, you broadly need to follow four steps. They are:

  • Confirmation of eligibility for passport application
  • Having the form for new passport with all necessary documents
  • Visiting the local passport agency

Eligibility for having new passport

When it comes to discussing how to get new passport, the most important segment understands the eligibility options for new passport. You must fulfill all eligibility criteria with precision otherwise your application will get rejected. Scrutinizer checks everything with perfection. There is strict order on him that he holds the right to cancel all passport application, if he finds any dissimilarities or mistakes in application process. No matter how small or silly is your mistake, your application will be turned down ruthlessly. Applicants have to be careful, as turned down the application for the first time will bring hassle to you. You next applications will be checked with even more precision.

How to get new passport: an overview

So, here are the basic criteria that you need to fulfill as a new passport applicant:

  • You should submit for passport with DS-11 form, if you are a first time passport applicant. Basically, for different applicants, different forms are there. So, choosing the right form is important for applying.
  • Minimum age for applying for a new passport is 16 years. If you are under 16 years of age, you shall be considered as minor. In that case, you need to apply for minor passports. For minor passport, process is completely different than adults. There is a different application form for application for kids.
  • Form DS-11 is not valid, if your previous passport was stolen or damaged. This form is for new applicants. For existing passport holders, different forms are there.
  • You need to produce documents to support your citizenship. It should proof your address, age, name, etc. While filling up form, you need to be careful. You should enter the information as they are present in your citizenship document.
  • Last but not eh least, to be eligible for new passport, you need to give passport fees with your application. Fees can vary from one state to another.

Step: 1 – Form DS-11 Download

The first stage is downloading form DS-11 from the authenticated government website. Make sure that you download the updated version.

Step: 2 – Fill up form

The next stage is filling up the form with perfection. For that, you need to have the right form for new passport. Along with the form all necessary attachments have to be given as proof of your identity. Two passport sized photographs are also needed.

Step 3: – Submitting and Visiting Passport Agency

You have to submit the form, and then you can expect your passport approval within 6-8 weeks. During this period, you may have to visit local passport agency one or more times. Scrutinizer will also visit your place for physical verification.

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